Are there any risks with x-ray?

There is always a slight risk of damage to cells or tissue from being exposed to any radiation, including the low levels of radiation used for this test. But the risk of damage from the x-rays is usually very low compared with the potential benefits of the test. For example, the radiation exposure from a chest x-ray is about equal to the natural radiation exposure received during a round-trip airline flight from Montreal to Vancouver or ten days in the Rocky Mountains.

Can I see my x-ray?

No, the x-ray must be reviewed by our Radiologist and a report will be forwarded to your doctor's office.

When will my doctor get a report?

Usually within 2 to 3 business days.

Will the technician tell me if they see anything wrong?

Technicians are not allowed to diagnose x-rays. Our Radiologists, who are excellently trained and have years of experience, read the x-rays and send a report to your doctor. If there is anything that requires immediate attention, the x-ray will be reviewed today and the referring doctor will be contacted immediately and you will be informed as to the best course of action.

Will my doctor phone me?

Every doctor's office has a different procedure. We encourage you to contact your doctor before going in to for your appointment.

Will the X-Ray affect my cell phone?

No, but please turn off your cellular phone during the procedure to ensure we are not disturbed.

What do I need to remove for the procedure?

Any jewellery around the affected areas. For example, earrings, necklaces, glasses and dentures for upper spines and belly button rings for lower spines. You must remove nylons, tensor bandages and splints unless otherwise advised by your doctor.

Do I have to wear a gown?

We suggest you wear clothing that is easily remove as you may have to disrobe for the X-ray. Buttoned and heavily embroidered shirts will have to removed for chest and spine x-rays and you will be given a gown. Abdomen views, hips, femurs, knees will usually require a gown, unless you are wearing pull-on pants or sweats without any metal or buttons. There are item of clothing that are better than others, for example, we recommend shorts for knee x-rays.