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At MedRay our decisions, actions and interactions are guided by a commitment to quality and a strong sense of respect and caring. We are always striving to fulfill our core purpose of preserving and improving health and quality of life through medical imaging. Continually checking where we are and where we are going is vital in achieving our goal. One way we do this is by asking our patients how we are doing - here are some of their responses: 


"I would like to tell you that your staff are excellent. They were very professional and courteous right from the start. Your technician was fantastic. I cannot tell you how much she helped me. My anxiety level was high. She helped me calm down and relax at least long enough to finish one image at a time. She is very patient. Please let her know how much I appreciate her and couldn't have gone through with the MRI without her."

"The office and medical area was warm and welcoming - not cold like a hospital  - everyone was exceptionally friendly."

"People were so helpful in answering my questions. Tech called me by name, soft voice and gentle when dealing with me."

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