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Unattended children are not permitted at MedRay. Please arrange childcare otherwise we are unable to serve you.

MedRay is proud to announce the launch of new Vascular Imaging services.

Effective immediately, we offer both Carotid and Lower Extremity DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) ultrasound assessments.


Ask your family physician if you would be a good candidate.

Call us to schedule an appointment. We are seeing patients in less than 3 weeks.

MSP Eligible. Ultrasound services are covered under MSP with a valid Care Card.

Preparation for Vascular Imaging Ultrasounds

  • No special preparation is needed

  • Patients must be able to get on and off a stretcher without assistance

  • Patients must be less than 250 lbs

  • Patients must NOT have any open wounds near the area of interest

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