Can I take my calcium in the morning?

No, it takes 24 hours for calcium to leave your system. So, if it is taken on the day of your exam, you will be required to rebook your examination.

What do I wear?

Please wear pull-on pants without a zipper and bras without underwire. No pantyhose. Please, remove any belly button piercing, as well.

Is this a total body scan?

No, only the lumbar spine and the left hip are scanned. Please, inform the technologist if you have had a hip replacement, in this case, the other hip will be scanned.

Can you diagnose a fracture from this exam?

No, Bone Densitometry exams are not a replacement for x-rays. The exam will only give a bone density measurement, it will not enable the doctor to diagnose fractures or arthritis.

When will my doctor get the report?

Your doctor will receive the report within seven to ten business days from the date of the exam.