Why do I need a full bladder for my ultrasound exam?

For ultrasound studies of the pelvis or obstetrical (prenatal) ultrasounds the full bladder acts as a window into the body. It pushes some of the organs (like gas within the bowel) away, and allows us to see much more clearly. A full bladder is absolutely essential for these examinations.

Why do I need to be fasting for my abdominal ultrasound?

Fluid and gas within the stomach after eating interferes with the ability of the ultrasound to see the inner organs. In addition, many foods contain fat which cause the gallbladder to contract which results in poor assessment of that organ.

Can I still take my medications before my ultrasound test?

Yes, but it is best to take these only with a small amount of water and nothing else.

Can I take my children, spouse, or other guests into the ultrasound room during my examination?

Ultrasound is a medical procedure. No guests are allowed in the examination room during the procedure. For prenatal obstetrical ultrasounds only, guests may be allowed into the room after the medical study is completed. Guests will be invited in by the technologist after the medical examination is done.

Can you tell me the results of my ultrasound examination at the time of the scan?

No. The technologist who performs the exam is not permitted to provide or discuss results, under British Columbia's professional guidelines. The examination is checked by the supervising Radiologist (doctor) before you leave. MedRay will send a full report of your examination to your doctor within 3 to 4 working days.